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Pets' Trust Miami

Pets' Trust Miami is a citizens' initiative to improve animal welfare, increase adoptions and decrease overpopulation by providing free and low-cost spay/neuter, low-cost veterinary care and educational programs. Pets' Trust Miami supports ballot #240, which proposes to address these issues with proven solutions.



We need your URGENT help and support
Pets' Trust Miami NEEDS YOUR HELP to ensure a successful vote on the ballot #240. We need:
1. VOLUNTEERS for the election day Nov.06, 2012. Contact:
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2. DONATIONS to promote the efforts on TV and radio Media prior to the  election. Please make your donations on the website or, for larger donations and support, call Mr. Michael Rosenberg, the founder of Pets' Trust Miami at 305-439-3571.

A message from Michael Rosenberg, founder of Pets' Trust Miami:

"We kill 20,000 adoptable dogs and cats EVERY YEAR in Miami, and have been doing it for decades. Sixty to seventy animals suffer that fate every single day. Most of the people in Miami have no idea that we do this. In fact, after living in Miami for over 30 years, I only learned about it about nine months ago. And…..I decided it is time to STOP THE KILLING.

I created an initiative called Pets’ Trust Miami. All of the animal rescue groups and animal advocates in our community are supporting this. The goal…high volume, free or low cost spay/neuter surgeries, low cost veterinary service to people that qualify, education programs, and programs to prevent people from surrendering their animals.

On November 6th, the people of Miami will be voting to create the Pets’ Trust for our animals, and start saving lives. Even better, once we pass it here, other cites from around the United States can come to Miami and see how we did it. It will be wonderful to stop killing 20,000 animals in Miami…but sadly…around the country we kill over 3 million adoptable animals. It’s not a number to be proud of. So, we build it here and share with others what our community has done. We can try to end this madness of death.

The Pets’ Trust will provide dedicated funding to do these programs, at a very small cost to homeowners….averaging about $20 a year per household. (Five cents a day.) It cost $300 to kill an animal and $65 to spay or neuter. Taxpayers are not getting a good deal with this current method.

All campaigns cost money, and we are in dire need of funding. So, to get the attention we need, I will be surrendered to Animal Service on October 5th at 5. P.M. I will then be led to my cage that will be my home for the weekend. (See photo.)

To Feel It. .You Must Experience It

My “weekend in the cage” will serve two purposes. Public awareness of the Pets’ Trust, and also we want to adopt out EVERY animal at the shelter….leaving ONLY ME."

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